Milk For Skin Body Wash




Make your bath time fun and more relaxing with the HerSkin Milk for Skin Body Wash! Soothe your skin in Goat’s Milk which gently cleanses your skin, keeps skin moisturized, and repairs skin damage leaving your skin smooth, nourished, and healthy! Formulated with Niacinamide, an ingredient proven to fade age spots and brighten skin. It also has a Coenzyme Q10 which helps support the production of collagen and elastin which maintains the skin’s elasticity reducing the emergence of signs of aging. Enjoy your renewed, soft, and fresh skin with the HerSkin Milk for Skin Body Wash!

Directions for use:

STEP 1: Wet skin with water.

STEP 2: Massage body wash in a gentle circular motion or using a shower puff or bath sponge, and pour body wash until it forms a creamy lather.

STEP 3: Rinse off with water.

CATEGORIES: For all Skin Types


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